The Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Propertywith Bronwyn H. Hall, under contract with Oxford University Press, in progress.

Outline [if you're interested in draft chapters, please email me]

I. Innovation

1. Introduction
2. The innovation process
3. Supply and demand for innovation
4. Overview of intellectual property rights
5. Market structure and innovation
6. Returns to R&D
7. Diffusion and networks
8. Innovation strategy
9. Innovation and economic growth
10. Overview of innovation policy options

II. IP rights and their use

11. Patents, utility models, and design rights
12. Trademarks and brands
13. Copyright
14. Alternatives to IP
15. IP rights and economic development

III. The patent system

16. Patents and pharmaceuticals
17. Software and Artificial Intelligence
18. Strategic patenting
19. Patent Litigation and Enforcement
20. Markets for technology
21. Technology standards and standard-relevant patents
22. Patent Trolls

IV. Appendices

23. List of abbreviations
24. Mathematical and statistical appendix
25. Data appendix