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Santa Clara University: Econ 126 [starting January 2016]

Law and Economics (with David Friedman [Law School], Sebastian Kunz [Forensic Science], Brian Love [Law School])

Course Outline: This interdisciplinary course introduces undergraduate economics students to an economics approach to legal analysis. Co-taught by legal, forensic, and economics scholars, the course covers basic legal concepts and the design of legal institutions. It provides students with analytical tools to analyze the causal impact of legal rules on people’s behavior as well as on socio-economic outcomes. Although in part qualitative in its approach, the course relies heavily on microeconomic theory. The course covers the economics of property, tort, contract, and antitrust law. It also emphasizes the economic analysis of crime and criminal law.

  • Class 1: Introduction
  • Class 2: Legal institutions
  • Class 3: Legal process and litigation
  • Class 4: Property rights
  • Class 5: Intellectual Property
  • Class 6: Tort law
  • Class 7: Contract law
  • Class 8: Crime and criminal law
  • Class 9: The role of forensic science in criminal law
  • Class 10: Topics in criminal law
  • Class 11: Antitrust law